Atlético began the game suffering when it came to pressure, arriving late and tactically with difficulties to cover the exit of the ball from Porto. João Félix started for the first time and Simeone awarded the great version of Lemar and Kondogbia against Espanyol giving them ownership. The pivot left an extraordinary defensive cut and Lemar left replaced in the 35th minute due to injury.

Simeone sought to change the version of the team going to a 4-4-2 formation, with Lodi on the left, Carrasco and Correa on the wings and Griezmann with Suárez up front. There are capital players like Suárez, Koke or Llorente who are far from their best version of last season.

Athletic Shield / Flag

Oblak: He had little work in the first half, especially thanks to a providential action by Kondogbia preventing Zaidu from finishing him off in the heads up. At the beginning of the second half, an Otavio center ended up poisoning and crashing into Oblak's post. Taremi scored on an error between Lodi, Kondogbia and the goalkeeper, but the forward had touched with his hand before the ball entered the goal and with the help of the VAR the goal was disallowed.

Gimenez: Back to eleven after resting in Barcelona. He was very active and aggressive in the recovery, climbing lines to steal the ball past the center of the field and assuming responsibility in the exit of the ball to drive and seek to break lines with long passes. In the second half he began to push behind with two centrals, finishing with Kondogbia as a teammate.

Felipe: He played against his former team and with Savic sanctioned he must be capital in the Champions League. He did not want to complicate or risk, the ball divided directly into the stands so as not to leave a counter attack option. He saw a yellow in a very unfortunate play for him, since he lost the ball at the beginning and when Carrasco had covered him and had recovered it, he got in the middle and had to stop the play with a foul. He left followed shortly after to admit Herrera. He looked exhausted in those last minutes.

Handsome: Left central starting, constantly seeking to offer himself as a ball exit from behind. As the minutes passed, Atlético had to move tactically to try to bother with their pressure in a more organized way, so Hermoso opened up more to the side and Carrasco was able to raise his position closer to the center of the field. Simeone replaced him in the second half to look for the goal with a defense of four.

Llorente: Starting as a right lane, where he does not feel so comfortable for moving so many meters away from the area. He loses a lot of influence in the game, cornered with defensive tasks and constantly trying to turn to the right, but very open on the wing to be decisive. He could hardly be seen at the game.

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Atlético and Porto players fight for the ball.

Carrasco: Left back, he had defensive problems in the first minutes, when Simeone called him aside several times. He was moving up lines, going to play as an interior in search of doing more damage with his unchecks and facing Corona, who playing side could be a defensive weakness. However, he did not manage to overcome his pair in hand-to-hand.

Kondogbia: His great second half against Espanyol made him worthy of the title. Spectacular cut to avoid a frank shot from Porto. He retracted after a loss by Lemar in attack and hit the ground at the exact moment when Zaido was about to finish off in an outstanding defensive action. A lot of presence in the robbery, attentive in the recovery and in the pressure, began being the most outstanding of the center of the field. With the replacement of Felipe he went on to play as a center-back, showing his versatility.

Koke: The presence of Kondogbia placed him as an interior accommodated to the right. He received a very hard tackle, which could well have been a direct red for Zaidu. At the beginning of the season, he is having a hard time sending the ball and being such a protagonist, participating less in the start of the game. Atlético needs the captain to be the one to direct the team's attacks and take command of operations.

Lemar: He had been the best in Cornellà and he returned to eleven to try to generate football between the lines. It only lasted 35 minutes on the field. He left injured in the thigh when he was singing on the grass, stretching the team in pressure and looking to generate football with his changes of rhythm and orientation. He generated the only chance of the first half with a good pass, a far left foot from Suárez. A very sensitive loss for Atlético, who lost him in a great state of form.

João Félix: First start of the season for the Portuguese in a very special game for him. It was difficult for him to come into play, find that situation between the lines to appear regularly. When he received his back he always had the pressure of a defender behind him, on many occasions with a fault. In desperation he saw the yellow for a slap and left replaced after a very discreet game.

Luis Suarez: He had the first of the game taking advantage of a pass into the hole from Lemar and shooting from far with his left, but Diogo Costa cleared his delivery well. It was difficult for him to enter the game, with Pepe very close to his back so that he could not receive it easy. He is not yet at his peak of physical form and this beginning of the course it is being difficult for him to have chances and receive in the rival area. Slow, it was difficult for him to take the balls into space.

The changes this time did not break the match

From Paul: The Argentine entered emergency 35 minutes into the game for the injured Lemar. He was initially placed in a center of the field with three outlined to the right, but went to double pivot when Koke left replaced, having more influence in the game as a ball out from behind.

I gave it: He entered for Hermoso to return to a defense of four with the Brazilian as a winger. He did not stop raising the band, helping the team to overturn in attack and without neglecting its defense. A very dangerous back pass could become Porto's goal, annulled by a touch to the hand.

Griezmann: He returned to the Wanda Metropolitano with the Atlético shirt. At first he had some show of nervousness, with some missed pass perhaps due to mental pressure, but then he got into play in the zone between the lines to create danger with shipments between the lines. He was leaving on the last play of the game, but Mbemba saved him with a foul and saw the direct red.

Strap: Simeone needed to shake up the game and he did so by entering the Argentine to position himself outlined to the right, but with a lot of freedom of movement. He tried to overturn the game to his zone and had the clearest chance of the second half with a powerful cross shot that the goalkeeper cleared very well.

Herrera: First minutes this season in midfield with De Paul. He has to gain form, having a hard time turning with speed when he received from behind.