Simeone commented at the end of the match against Espanyol that the most positive thing had been that the changes introduced gave the Madrid team another air. The coach indicated that the five players who entered the second half revolutionized the clash and that led to Atlético taking the three points. At the first change, Atlético showed that it has a bench. And that has to be vital for this season.

Atlético closed a squad with 21 chips (in addition to Saponjic, who does not count for Cholo) and the general opinion is that the rojiblanco team has a great bench, with doubled positions and with a lot of quality in all its players. For many, it is the best LaLiga squad. It is not very large in number but it is in quality. Atlético came out against Espanyol with a system of three centrals and two lanes and the Argentine coach had to change the same because it was not working.

Athletic Shield / Flag

Simeone made three changes after the break. Lodi, Kondogbia and Lemar entered and the game was another. Kondogba and Lemar were the best of the match. Later João left Felix on the pitch and the last to play was Cunha. Players like Griezmann and Luis Suárez left the field, so Cholo made it clear that he did not mind sitting players with specific weight in the squad. A warning for future matches.

Now comes the match against Porto. The Champions greatly motivates a squad that wants to fight for everything. Atlético will have Savic dismissed, due to suspension. The defender was punished with four games and Simeone will have to move the bench. And above you will have to choose. Lemar is at a great level, João Félix had very good minutes, while Griezmann was gray and Luis Suárez barely intervened in the game. Blessed trouble for Simeone.

Atlético, on the other hand, has already been twice behind on the scoreboard. Against Espanyol, they started losing 1-0 and ended up winning 1-2 almost on the last play. Against Villarreal he also got a point in the final moment. There is a bench and there is a desire to reverse the situation of the matches.