The Barçacandidate to win the trophy of this new edition of LaLiga Promises International, you will directly experience the special aspects of this edition held in the United States. In his group, made up of two other teams, will be the Atlas FC and the IdeaSportmotivated to prove to one of the best clubs on the planet that they are capable of giving the bell against the azulgrana.

In the case of the Atlas, its name is much better known. It is a representative of the Mexican First Division club with more than 100 years of history behind it, having been founded in 1916. In the case of Idea Sport, it is the club that plays as a local at the ESPN facilities, where the tournament will take place

They are not the only teams from abroad that come wanting to wage war. From the Major League Soccer club pool are also Inter Miami, which shares Group A with Betis and Madrid, and Dallas FC, placed in Group B along with Sevilla and Villarreal. Guadalajara from Mexico completes the guest list in Group C, where they will face Atlético de Madrid and Valencia.