Athletic's numbers when Dani García and Vesga coincide in the eleven

Opposites attract and like poles repel. A basic rule. In magnetism and also in football. The trend is to look for versatility. A more defensive side and a more offensive one. A right-handed center-back and a left-handed one. A more pointed end and another more associative in the center. A more destructive midfielder and a more creative one. He Athletic has suffered when circulating the ball for quite some time and does not improve when two footballers with a similar profile come together in the midfield, as happened in Pomegranate with Dani Garcia and Vesga.

The rojiblanco engine is seized, football is one of its main shortcomings. New sap has arrived from the subsidiary this summer with Zarraga and Victor. It could also be added to Nolaskoain, who is still KO after the ankle injury he had in the final stretch of last season with the Sports. But Garitano bet on Los Cármenes for what I already had in the booth: Dani Garcia and Vesga. None finished on the green. The Gasteiztarra left his hole to Unai lopez just fit the 2-0 and the Zumarraga was relieved in 1980 by Victor. It is true that Unai He has had an even stranger preseason because he was one of those affected by the coronavirus.

The results of the Athletic support the theory that like poles also repel each other in the center of the field. The lions have only won in one of the ten league games in which Dani and Vesga have coincided in the eleven. It was in the previous season, against the Villarreal in San Mamés (1-0). The statistic is completed with four draws and five losses.

The first staging of this tandem made waters. 1-0 in the visit to Vigo. “We wanted to put two strong pivots”, was the explanation he gave Garitano. He also added that he was looking for centimeters with Vesga. An argument that he has repeated several times. The deriotarra did not turn to this same couple again until more than two months later. And it was in a very specific situation.

Dani and Vesga formed in eleven when Garitano opted for the drawing with three centrals and two lanes. The points added in the Bernabeu (0-0) and in the Pizjuán (1-1), although he knew little about Cornellà (1-1). Worse was Gasteiz (2-1), the last clash in which the Athletic He came out with a defense of three.

After confinement, Dani and Vesga they met three times in the starting team. Tables in Eibar (2-2), I stumble against him Seville (1-2) in an appointment in which the medullary fell with the passing of the minutes and the defeat of Pomegranate on the final day, with nothing in the running (4-0). The Alava had to be replaced near the break in Andalusian lands. Garitano he repeated bet on Los Cármenes in the premiere of 2020-21 and the result was identical.

They are two midfielders with a similar cut. More protagonists in the defensive facet, in containment tasks, than when generating football and moving the ball. The latter are usually left to Muniain. Here a problem emerges. If the Navarrese starts from the midpoint, he must go too low to receive and does not step on the area. If you do it from a band, the block is decompensated on one side. It is speculated with the arrival of Javi martinezBut it would not solve the problem of creation either. In the event that your signing is consumed, the question of which would be the trusted partner for Garitano in the spinal cord. Like poles repel each other, even if they are world champions.