Athletics moves to the first week of Los Angeles 2028 and swimming moves to the second


The athletics competition during the 2028 Los Angeles Olympic Games will take place in the first week and swimming will be moved to the second week, which will mean “a historic change in the usual calendar of these events and whose objective will be” optimize the headquarters master plan” in the Californian city.

The organizers of the International Athletics Federation (World Athletics) and the LA28 Olympic and Paralympic Games themselves announced this decision this Friday, an “unprecedented measure.” Until now, including the imminent Games in Paris (France), swimming was held in the first week and athletics in the second, coinciding with the central weekend.

The change was explained with the objective of “optimizing the venue master plan” for those Olympic Games, scheduled for July 14 to 30, 2028. The athletics competition will be held in the recently renovated LA Memorial Coliseum, which It is also the location planned for the opening and closing ceremonies.

Under the updated venue plan, some of the most popular Olympic competitions will be held in venues considered among the best in the world. Thus, the gymnastics will take place at the Arena, located in the center of Los Angeles and the usual home of the Lakers in the NBA, the Sparks in the WNBA and also the Kings in the NHL.

The swim will be held at SoFi Stadium, home of the Chargers and Rams during the NFL season, with a record 38,000 seats available. Part of the ceremonies will also take place there, as confirmed by the organizers of the Olympic Games. “We are excited to support this visionary calendar change for LA28,” said World Athletics President Sebastian Coe.

“This change underlines our commitment to innovation in athletics and raising the global profile of our athletes. By prioritizing athletics in the first week, the Games will witness the most exciting start, captivating audiences around the world and setting up the setting for an unforgettable Olympic journey for global audiences,” Coe added.

The athlete director for LA28, Janet Evans, shared the joy of this calendar swap: “We believe that the positive effects of this change will extend beyond the two sports involved, strengthening the LA28 Games as a whole and, in ultimately benefiting all sports in the program.”

The only exception will be the date of the marathons, both men’s and women’s, since both races will remain in their usual place on the last weekend and their medal ceremonies will continue to be part of the closing gala of the Games. .