Susaeta, which is currently in the ranks of the Melbourne
City, with the competition stopped, where he arrived in January of this year after his previous and short stage in Japan, has surprised with some statements in English referring to the first
season with Bielsa, in which ex player of the Athletic It had a special role, since it was one of its irreplaceable pieces, and more specifically when referring to the party of Europe
League that confronted them Manchester in Old

The ex-rojiblanco expressed the following in an interview in the Channel
sports through Youtube: “We played at Old Trafford and played incredible football. And that morning, we trained with Bielsa for two hours, doing sprints, it was crazy“He remarked.

There is no doubt that the rojiblanco team came out like a motorcycle in that match, apparently without influencing that extra wear and tear, but quite the opposite, psyched up and beating the English team based on Pressure, robberies and speed. A 2-3 showr for the history of the Athletic.

This was indicated by himself Susaeta, who recognized that “at night we play amazing football. It is one of the most important games of my life


Despite this great victory and the great journey during the European competition, the Athletic
could not achieve the award that the players and the fans so longed for. “It is a very good memory, because that year we won against very good European clubs, but in the final we were tired. I don't know what happened but we couldn't win the final“He pointed out with some bitterness the former of the Athletic, without having a very clear explanation of what happened in the decisive duel against the Athleticwhere perhaps the team was able to pay some overexertion made on the long continental journey, just at the moment when the title was so close to the handsbut finally vanished, after the clear defeat against the mattresses of Simeone.


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