There are eight games left. It is the final sprint of LaLiga and Athletic arrives with all the options to dispute the last place that can give access to Europe –it will be necessary for Betis to beat Valencia in the Cup final-. It is what was requested at the beginning of the season, at least, what the most realistic dreamed of. Objective accomplished.

On Saturday, another final to depend on ourselves. You have to break the crockery. If we win, we would advance the Castellón team by two points. A draw would keep us in contention.

On Sunday against Elche, Athletic showed what was at stake, without any fuss like the one in the game against Getafe. The rojiblancos ripped the ilicitanos from the first minute with an aggressive, vertical, fast and precise soccer, with criteria. With a little more aim, the marker could have been a scandal. And in the end, we even suffer.

I recently asked Valverde by Iñaki Williams. The former rojiblanco coach told me that stopping the rojiblanco nine was a nightmare for rival coaches. I agree, there is so much that the Bilbao native offers his colleagues that he is indispensable in the avant-garde.

His unchecking and his “timing” of the race to space is a luxury to give options to the media. Sancet swelled to assist him, just like Winner –both very successful on Sunday-. With a pinch of the mettle and aim she offered villalibre in his goal, Iñaki he would be a stratospheric striker. His goals will come, for sure. For now, let’s take advantage of everything it gives us, which is not little. If he played in the Real, we would die of envy seeing his ride, and we would offer the gold and the Moor to sign him.

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It was a great game, especially his first half, electric. Berenguer and the Buffalo got a good reward, with two great goals. They needed it. Vivian he was relentless, appearing all over the field. Nuñez he carried out his particular revalidation after the unraveling of Mallorca and Marcelino He was right with the changes and had the team very involved in the clash.

Villarreal, quarter-finalists in the Champions League, fell to the bottom team, and Valencia, the team that follows us in the standings, drew against Cádiz. Everyone messes up, not just us. The First is very even.

And let’s not forget that neither Iñigo Martínez, Yeray nor Dani García, the foundations and main beams of Marcelino’s defensive system, were present at San Mamés all season. Meritorious.

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