Athletic has its headquarters in Switzerland approximately four kilometers from the center of St. Gallen, the beautiful town on the border with Germany. The rojiblancos stay at the four-star Santispark hotel, a modern center equipped with all the comforts so that the lions are at ease during these nine days of concentration before returning home.

The rojiblancos have a complete gym to carry out their work indoors and parking is paid, like almost everything in Switzerland, a very expensive country.

The team of Marcelino They train on two courses located around a ten-minute walk from the hotel, a route they cover every day. It is the playing fields of FC Abtwil Engelburd, which by the way are in very good condition. This is one of the priorities for a team of the highest category. In addition, there is a third field of artificial grass that the lions do not use.

The changing rooms are more humble and reminiscent of those of the Regional teams, but in any case the players use them little. Just to put on your training boots. Once they have trained, they walk back to the hotel to shower.

The team of Marcelino will use these facilities until Friday, July 23. The next day they dispute their last friendly in Switzerland, against Borussia Dortmund at Kybunkpark, where they played on Saturday against St. Gallen, and on Sunday 25 they return to Bilbao to continue their preparation at the Lezama facilities, already with training. open to the public complying with certain sanitary measures.

Players leave the locker room on their way to training ground in Switzerland
Players leave the locker room on their way to training ground in Switzerland


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