Spectacular, explosive, providential, motorized, filmmaker … The adjectives that are portraying Yuri Berchiche they only reflect the performance of the Zarautz winger, the best in his position this season with the permission of Jordi Alba, Gayá or Mendy. Some time ago the rojiblanco had commented something like that his second campaigns in a new team are usually better. Said and done. The Gipuzkoan is enormous, who has added to his wide arsenal of records a scoring ability that you could not guess was of the magnitude in which he is demonstrating.

To the two goals that he has scored in the regularity competition -before Granada and Betis-, we must add a cup success that for important and repeated has had a capital relevance. The four goals scored -two to the Sestao River, one to Tenerife and the other to Granada, all far from San Mamés- plus those of the League excel in such a way that his best scoring season as a professional is taking place.

His starts are being spectacular and even more so his lashes from outside the area, with which, for example, Athletic came back to life at Heliodoro Rodriguez Pérez. His contribution has also been reinforced by the inclusion once again of a staff of the Córdoba level, which is giving him a cable in an outstanding way in the defensive facet.

Finally in the Cup

Reviewing the numbers that he is showing, and in the absence of a good number of encounters to close the campaign, Yuri triples his filmmakers' records with respect to the previous year in the best season of his professional career. In the league equals the two of last year, in which he did not score in the Cup. Such is the quality jump of the left-back who until this year had not scored in the KO tournament!

Posed to find a challenge at a particular level and in the realm of realization, you can have in mind to overcome the 4 goals achieved with Eibar in the 2012/13 season, although it was Second B; with the armored team he added 3 in the following course, already in Second A, and in the Real Sociedad he also reached that number of targets, in the campaign prior to his departure to PSG.

From the oven

With different characteristics, the performance of Yuri can be compared to that of another illustrious on the left flank of recent years as is From the oven. The Gallarta defender also stood out for his scoring ability, especially in the air balls, where he did obvious damage.

The Biscayan, author of 18 goals in his career as a rojiblanco, made a fable campaign in the 2004/5 exercise, in which he reached 7 goals: 3 in the regularity competition, 1 in the K0 and 3 in the Europa League. As if that were not enough, on 03/04 he had signed 5 in the League and in the previous year one less.

His baggage in 147 games and half a dozen campaigns was more than remarkable and Yuri can take away some of his marks … if the competition resumes.

The high performance it is offering has meant closing the doors of ownership to Balenziaga, which barely has 3 games in the League, all as a title; in the Cup he has had two appearances, the last against Elche, against whom he acted from the 77th minute. Against Intercity he completed the match.


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