La Real returned to the triumph scene on New Year's Eve, a few hours before the chimes left an Athletic who is a sea of ​​doubts choked, the same is solid against Madrid and Villarreal in a field of these that derails miserably against Huesca and Real society, no matter how much he won against the Huesca. Without stepping on the accelerator, Imanol's team took all three points from San Mamés and broke a nine-game drought without winning. He was limited to being serious, although he did not have the brilliance of that leader who amazed at the dawn of the season. What a tactical toilet! There was curiosity to see Remiro in San Mamés, but to a certain extent it can be said that he was not seen. The lions have had no shots on goal in their last three home appearances, only somewhat shy against Huesca in the final stretch.

These days of rest have come from the cinema to Anoeta's painting to regain freshness and set in motion a devastating pressure and intensity, all under the leadership of Guridi, the man with six lungs. His deployment encouraged the rest to group three or four men in the vicinity of the ball at all times. Portu stayed to stab up. And opposite, Athletic, who despises the ball, does not know what to do with it, lacks confidence and has no rhythm to overcome lines. Another debacle. If this was a score for the postponed Cup final, let them give it to the Imanol boys.

La Real had a plan that it knew how to execute very early on. Finding yourself with a goal in minute 5 paves the way a lot. From there, he tried to find a transitional game. Berenguer lost a ball that can never be lost and the Donostiarras came out in a stampede. Capa and Yuri came back at a donkey's pace. The leather arrived clean in Oyarzabal and that is already known to be a bad business for anyone. He put a pass to the heart of the area that is half a goal and Portu thanked the courtesy. The Gipuzkoan team already had the derby in the ideal position. The Murcian was a nightmare and shortly after he had another one finding the back of the enemy behind.

The derby was not very intense and he was undernourished with scoring chances. What happened suited the Real, that well covered the banks in rapids two against one and stopped Villalibre at fault if he received from behind, to prevent local deployment. Winner tried to gain weight in the crash, winning duels, moving without the ball and with more intensity than the rest … But he was not comfortable when building, he had very brave bulls in front of him and you can see that he still has school left for these trots.

La Real exercised an almost individual surveillance in the middle, with Guevara, Merino and Guridi spectacular, although the first two saw a card before the break and their bites could condition them in the pressure. The second part barely changed the landscape on its first sip. Le Normand had an occasion with Núñez who protested a possible penalty. Garitano revolutionized the eleven with three changes. Sancet as playmaker entered, Unai López to organize the maneuvers and Morcillo for the right, in such a way that Muniain anchored himself on the left. Williams left, who is still going through a galloping crisis although nobody puts the shackles on the bench, Vencedor and Berenguer.

Athletic was still timid and gave the feeling that if the Real, which did not stop pardoning the neighbor, pressed a little, it would send him to the grave. Guridi, full of joy, made a fantastic cut and appeared in front of Unai Simón in a threatening way, but did not resolve. Then on free kicks, they brushed the 0-2, first with a shot from Isak (better executed than a previous 'dry folha' by Unai López in the other area) that crashed on the crossbar and then a shot from Oyarzabal that Simon rejected and did not know how to rivet Zubeldia. The visitors had four shots on goal in the 65th minute and the Bilbaoans, zero, their favorite number in this facet of the game. This is how the latter were on the final list.

18 minutes lasted only Unai López, since he damaged his left knee. Raúl García entered for the final 17 minutes, and completed 500 games in the First Division, something that only Joaquín and Ramos can say about those who are active. Bilbao's impotence can be summed up in an entrance by Iñigo Martínez to Barrenetxea, who sat down an Isak who came from behind and ran over to the center. It was orange card. Garitano activated Kodro, the miracle man against Huesca, for the final six minutes. But the flute does not usually sound twice by chance.

Garitano: “It was wanting and not being able to”

It was one to zero, but the feeling is that the difference on the field is more than one goal.
I don't think so, for defensive seriousness alone. The first goal conditioned them favorably. We canceled their game, but it cost us, they got well behind and defended with success.

In the last three home games they have not shot on goal, only at the end against Huesca.
In tight defenses all teams have problems and so do we. They have locked themselves in and it has been difficult for us to have clear chances. In the last meters we are lacking lucidity to filter a pass or put the ball.

There are problems in creation.
We are putting those who technically better serve the ball, Vesga and Vencedor. We do have more problems in the last third of the field.

The trajectories of Real and Athletic are not alike.
You value it, after losing a derby, make the evaluations… we are going to think about the match we have in three days.

Against Elche it will be a new final. They will talk about their future.
It is good to prepare it well to try to win it.

He takes all the clubs and we will return to them.
We have played against a good team, it has been very even, they have found that goal and it has been a want and not be able to. If I have to take responsibility for the defeat, I do it as usual.ALFONSO HERRÁN.

Imanol: “Surely New Year's Eve will be celebrated differently throughout Gipuzkoa”

The coach of the Real Sociedad, Imanol Sheriff, was very satisfied with the victory achieved in San Mamés in the Basque derby against Athletic Club (0-1) and stressed that this victory will mean that “Surely New Year's Eve will be celebrated differently throughout Gipuzkoa“.” It is the most special match for me, for Real, for the fans and on December 31st. There is no better way to celebrate it, “the Gipuzkoan coach congratulated himself when he was reminded that today's match at 'La Catedral' was his 100th game in front of the 'txuri urdin' team. Imanol added that the keys to victory were the” adjustment of the pressure “on Athletic after the first minutes of the match and the” great defensive work “of their players with which they have achieved that their rival” has not generated chances “.

Although it may have seemed easy, it is very difficult for this team at home to generate so little for you and we have been able to achieve it.. It was a shame that we were not right to kill the game and that it stayed alive, but the team has been serious and we have not conceded great chances in the last minutes, “he explained. The Oriotarra also praised the work of Jon Guridi and Mikel Oyarzabal in the return of both to the team. “It's a shame that we haven't been able to get hold of Guridi for longer due to the injury, but it is already one more that we add. It is good news that Guridi and Oyarzabal have returned to play, “he said.

Finally, the coach stressed that “the most important thing” of 2020 for Real Sociedad has been “the union between the fans and the team” and expressed his wish for the new year that they be “capable of maintaining it” .-EFE


Martin Zubimendi (45 ', Ander Guevara), Jon morcillo (55 ', Williams), Unai Lopez (55 ', Berenguer), Ohian tirapu (55 ', Unai Winner), Modibo Sagnan (67 ', Gorosabel), Merquelanz (67 ', Oyarzabal), Raul Garcia (72 ', Unai López), Ander Barrenetxea (73 ', Portu), Kenan kodro (84 ', Villalibre), Willian Jose (84 ', Isak)


Referee: José María Sánchez Martínez
VAR Referee: José Luis González González
Ander Guevara (7 ', Yellow) Ander Barrenetxea (20 ', Yellow) Unai Victor (22 ', Yellow) Merino (38 ', Yellow) Yuri (54 ', Yellow) Unai Nunez (61 ', Yellow) Igor Zubeldia (66 ', Yellow) Íñigo Martínez (80 ', Yellow) Cap (83 ', Yellow


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