Gian Piero Gasperini He surprised when he recently stated that in the previous Valencia-Atalanta of Champions League from March 10 it had coronaviruses, but the transalpine group itself did not take long to react in this regard to deny it.

“The Atalanta reports that during the game all safety protocols were respected for the team group in view of the away game. And that the coach, as he stated in the interview, had never had a fever or respiratory problems, neither before leaving for Valencia, nor during the duration of his stay in Spain, “said the Italian club in a note published in La Gazzetta dello Sport. .

After knowing the words of Gasperini, Own Valencia He expressed “publicly his surprise” at the fact that the Italian admitted that he was aware that “at least he himself” was “suffering symptoms allegedly compatible with the coronavirus without taking preventive measures.”


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