Aspas: “The National Team? I try to do my best in a humble club”

Iago Aspas, author of the two goals in Celta's 2-1 victory over Valencia, answered questions from Movistar LaLiga at the conclusion of the match:

Celtic Shield / Flag

Assessment of the encounter: “Our first 30 minutes were very good, pressing very high and forcing Valencia to almost always throw the ball long to Maxi. In the last 15 minutes we ran a little out of gas. In the second half there was a very close match against a great team. Although pieces have been lost, they have players of a lot of quality. The result is fair despite the fact that they have cuddled us a bit at the end. We had two or three cons to spend the last few minutes calmer ”.

Good start for Celta: “We are happy with four points in two games, although in Eibar we were good in the second half, but the rival also plays and defended well. In the preseason we already had good feelings.”

Free-kick goal: “The first goal was a gift from Nolito. I have a special understanding with him. In the foul I was afraid that it would happen to me the same as last year against Valencia at the Mestalla. There I hit him over the barrier, he was going to score and Dani Parejo anticipated to remove it under sticks. So today it took me a bit to get settled in to shoot, I saw that there was no one there and I was sure to put it there ”.

Selection: “I keep working the same, trying to do things as well as possible. I'm in a humble club and when the coach deems it appropriate, I'll be here to try to help ”.