ASOBAL celebrates the “legal stability” provided by the CSD resolution for the Plenitude League 2024-25


ASOBAL has celebrated the “legal stability” provided by the resolution issued this Thursday by the Higher Sports Council (CSD) for the celebration of the 2024-25 season of the Plenitude League in the absence of the signing of the coordination agreement with Real Spanish Handball Federation (RFEBM).

In a statement, ASOBAL highlighted the importance of said resolution which defines, according to it, the “necessary aspects” for the development of the next edition of the Plenitude League, after its “pressure exerted” for the CSD to intervene and close an open procedure on August 1, 2023.

“In this way, legal stability is defined to lay the foundations for the following season and the project of the Spanish men’s handball elite, clearing the legal vacuum in which the competition clubs found themselves in the absence of a coordination agreement. between ASOBAL and the Royal Spanish Handball Federation,” he noted in the note.

The resolution, issued hours before the RFEBM Assembly, prevents, according to ASOBAL, the Spanish federation from “being able to resolve or intervene unilaterally” in relation to ASOBAL and the Plenitude League dispute on issues such as sports calendar or economic conditions such as the possible payment of a fee that he opposed.

In its resolution, 18 pages long and signed by the Secretary of State for Sports, José Manuel Rodríguez Uribes, the CSD indicated that the professional league calendar will be prepared by ASOBAL, and that the champion cup will be awarded by the president of the RFEBM, Francisco Blázquez, after agreeing on the date and place, two of the points of friction between both organizations.

The CSD resolution “is reduced to the strictly necessary points” for the dispute of the professional competition and “in the staging” of the delivery of the champion’s cup of the next League, said ASOBAL, which will “deeply examine” all the points. of the same to defend their interests and those of their clubs.