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Artificial intelligence predicts who arrives best at Real Madrid-Atlético de Madrid

Gabby Barker



Madrid-Atlético is the first grand final of this year 2020. Zidane can get his tenth title as coach of the white team. For its part, Simeone seeks to claim itself after a somewhat complex start to the season (three victories in the first six games). The Olocip company, pioneer in the implementation of artificial intelligence in the world of football, predicts the keys to this match.

Artificial intelligence can generate knowledge by explaining each situation, predicting each behavior at the individual and collective level in all the events and circumstances that make up a match such as goals, assists or game building. The startup of the soccer player Esteban Barn It aims to respond to a multitude of questions that are asked around football.

Emblem / Flag Real Madrid

Who gets better at the end?

The Real Madrid team converts 0.85 goals for each occasion; while the rojiblanca entity scores 0.63. Although neither of them scores 100% of their chances, Atlético's data attracts attention because it is considerably low. For example, of every 5 goals he should score, score 3; while the Madrid of every 5, converts 4.25, being clearly more effective.

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Therefore, “artificial intelligence indicates that the Atleti it errs many times that due to the situations in which they are carried out, they should be a goal with a high probability, “he says. Ander Alcón, data scientist at Olocip.

Players with above-expected performance

In Olocip they are also interested in assists. To do this, “we have developed a predictive algorithm that analyzes what is the probability that a pass ends up being a goal assist because of the shooting situation it generates,” he says. Asier Rodríguez, company data scientist.

Shield / Athletic Flag

Luka modric begins to recover the physical tone that led him to win the Golden Ball and so the AI ​​also certifies it. “He has 5 assists when he should take 2, which indicates that his teammates have achieved the goal through Croatian passes that a priori did not generate a clear chance. In addition, he scores 3 goals when it was expected that he would have scored 1,” says Asier.

In addition, this technology company also measures the impact on the game of each player. “We developed a game construction valuation model in such a way that we can determine which player contributes more for the generation of goals of a team,” Ander reveals.

In this sense, the German Toni Kroos is the one who takes the baton of this Real Madrid. The German is fundamental in the Zidane game scheme and he has responded by granting him control of the Madrid team. Kroos is the player that most influences the creation of Real Madrid game. They follow Karim Benzema, absent due to injury, and Dani Carvajal, owner and lord of the white right wing.

On the rojiblanco side, Koke's loss due to muscle injury will be very sensitive. The Spanish midfielder is the player who builds the most game for those of Simeone. The Mexican Blacksmith He could take his place although the former Porto brings 50% less game construction than the athletic '6'.

But Atlético's own name at this point is that of Angel Correa To be about to sign for AC Milan, to be a fixture of Simeone in the last matches. The data endorse him because the Argentine is probably the player who stands out most of Atleti in recent dates. The Argentine has 3 goals and should have scored 4 (following the general tone of the team), but in assists clearly exceeds the expected record: he has attended 5 times when he should only carry 2.7.

The goals, a slab

Despite the three goals they scored in the semifinals, both Madrid and Atlético are not in their best scoring streak. For example, Jovic It records a goal and a half below what it should lead (2,4), which shows that the Serbian has failed statistically very favorable occasions. Something similar happens to Vinícius. The former Flamengo player should have scored 2.5 goals, however, he has 1. For his part, Rodrygo is performing as expected with 2 goals, just what the prediction marked at this point. Cristiano's departure has led to whites losing 50 goals per season, a fact that the AI ​​has already predicted.

On the opposite side, Joao Felix does not finish carbureting goals. The Portuguese should take 5 goals and record 2. The same in goal passes, an assist for the 2 that he should and with the construction of the game, being of the players that less influence in the team's game has. Morata is not far behind: he should have scored more than 10 goals but has 7, despite being the player of Atlético who shoots more times (45). Here lies the problem of Atleti in the goals since the two players who should have scored the most are below their level.

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