The London club Arsenal has signed a 4-year-old boy, Zayn Ali Salman, while he is still in preschool, making him the youngest signing in his talent academy, the BBC reports on Thursday. According to the British public channel, Salman caught the attention of the British entity when they saw him play with children twice his age.

“Obviously, we put him in with players his age, with the four, five and six year olds, and he was already ahead of everyone,” explained Austin Schofield, Salman’s coach at the First Touch Soccer Academy.

The coach stressed to the aforementioned television channel that the child “is much faster than the rest and more willing to go for the ball. How he hits it, how the ball passes, is much better than the rest.” “I spoke to his father and he wanted us to put him to play with the older ones. I thought: why not? Let’s see how he does,” observed Schofield.

Arsenal’s talent scout Stephen Deans also praised the youngster’s way of playing, who appears to have already received offers from “other big clubs” although he seems “committed to his favorite club.”

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