Arsenal make official the transfer of the goalkeeper who insulted Wenger

Repeatedly insulting the most important coach in your history is not the best way to join a club, but Runar Alex Runarsson is now Mikel Arteta's new Arsenal goalkeeper. The Icelander, who will wear the number 13 on his back and with a low profile with a clear substitute role, I would have called Arsene Wenger “stupid” and “stupid,” a coach who, beyond his last stage, made the whole of North London grow exponentially. That is why, As soon as the negotiations with Londoners started, he deleted all their tweets about it.


The networks, however, were faster, and some of his tweets have already circulated directly insulting the legend gunner. “Arsene Wenger is definitely the dumbest man on the planet!“Runnarsson wrote on his account nine years ago now. It is true that, at that time, he was barely a 16-year-old teenager, but the internet is unforgiving and tweets can harm him from his arrival at the time of winning what may be his new hobby. “Wenger is a little too stupid!”, He wrote on another occasion, accompanying him, in this case, with an offensive hastag in which reference was made to the nationality of the French coach.

Arsenal Shield / Flag

The price of Runarsson has not yet been confirmed, although it is believed that his arrival has occurred at zero cost, but what has become clear is that he arrives as a substitute for Log, the clear bet of the club after the good feelings left by the already transferred Emiliano Martinez. The Icelander, who barely played 13 games in the entire previous season, arrives from French Dijon and with just 25 years behind him.