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Garcia in his Real. The new coach of the women's team sees the attacker as one of the pillars of the project and wishes it to continue despite the interest that, one more summer, she is raising in other clubs, such as Real Madrid. “It will always be a name that is spoken of. What we know is that she is a player who has a one-year contract, it is important and we want to have her, “he says. Stream. “From there, the club knows that it is assessing its situation and is receptive to analyzing things.”

The Catalan coach has already had a first contact with the player. “I have told her that I would like to have her. He has something different, he has shown that he has a goal. I want to have her and I want to take her to another level in this project. She was excited about my arrival and appreciated the conversation. She is receptive to growth and to what the club can offer her. I felt like I was 'feeling' with what I was listening to. If she wants, she will continue at Real. ”

Stream is aware that she is a capital footballer. “He has scored 11 goals this season and in previous ones he has gone above 15. The scene changes. I know all the players and I know there is talent. It is a moment of great demand ”.

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