-What real options do you see of beating Madrid?

We know that we are facing the current league champions, who are a great team. A priori it is a complicated game. The team is better and we are going to rush the options we have to the maximum. Everything happens because we make a perfect match and there we are going to set the bar, if by setting this bar you win, you have little to do. We are optimistic about having a good game and we will try to make things difficult for a team, which if it is at its best level, it is difficult to beat it.

-That snow is not in your hand, but do you have plans to face the game if you find the ground in poor condition?

Right now El Sadar is perfect. We have trained very well. We are talking about hypotheses. I don't know if it's going to snow, how much it's going to snow, how the field will be… Since we don't know what's going to happen, that can't be trained. You always have to adapt to what you have at all times. Now we do not think about that, but about how to face a great team with our virtues.

-How to face Real Madrid?

First of all, I think we will have to be good defensively. I have the feeling that in recent games we have regained our defensive strength. It is a litmus test, against a very good opponent. In attack we also have to be that brave team that arrives from the outside, steps onto the rival's field and generates goal situations so that the game has two directions. You have to do a lot of things well and the team is excited about being able to play a good game because it is very important and a good opportunity, no matter how much the champion is facing.

-This time it is you who arrive with a significant load of matches …

It is what has touched. We have practically had no time to prepare. Above all we have done recovery work. We have had Copa and they have had a clean week. Every game is an opportunity and we cannot think that we are at a disadvantage in that. We play at home and we have to capture everything that we are recovering, to have options against a great team.

– Count on Oier again. Is it one of the matches for him?

Oier is always important and has played almost always. It is true that the other day he could not be due to suspension and we also played a good game. It is a game, not only for Oier but for the eleven, plus the five who come out later and those who cheer from outside. It is a collective work. To face such a powerful opponent, we will need everyone.

-Is Osasuna very far from the version you expect the team to give?

I don't have that feeling. I think that in the last games we have improved, we have played more at what we want and the team is looser. We need to qualify and no matter how much Madrid comes we have to take it as an opportunity and compete to the fullest to be able to join.


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