The Catalan team has taken an important step to tie the ticket for the First Division with Arnau’s goal, which makes it 1-3 on the scoreboard against Tenerife 10′ from the end


The Girona players, celebrating one of the goals against Tenerife

Girona has dealt an important blow to end up tying their ticket for the First Division in the game that they are playing this Sunday against Tenerife. Arnau Martínez has made the third of the Catalans, putting the 1-3 on the scoreboard with ten minutes remaining in regulation time.

to a large center Aleix García, Arnau has played just enough to send the ball into the back of the net and put Míchel’s team ahead. Stuani had advanced to Girona, Carlos Ruiz equalized for the Canaries, but Álex Baena and Arnau have signed the momentary 1-3 that rules the scoreboard.

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