Argentina y Lionel Messi they not only made a fabulous impact at Wembley. Also in London, the AFA closed a millionaire agreement, which includes the place to prepare the World Cup. It will be in the United Arab Emirates, in Abu Dhabi.

It happens the day after the Finalissima, 3-0 to Italy. The photo is shared. Claudio Tapia, president of the AFA, has an albiceleste shirt showing the back and the 10 of Messi. Aref Hamad Al Awani, general secretary of the Abu Dhabi Sports Council (government entity in charge of sports in the emirate), poses displaying another with the same number but on his chest. Tapia and Al Awani shake hands.

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This is a round business for the AFA, of several million. A couple of leaders assure it low, but they do not want to give an approximate sum of the benefit that the agreement represents.

The concrete thing is that what was rumored became official in the last few hours. It was published by AFA on their social networks. Argentina will get ready for the World Cup in Abu Dhabi. He will stay there to play friendlies. However, everything is not summed up at this moment. That same site will host the Argentine Super Cup between 2023 and 2026that final played by the champions of the league and the Argentine Cup.

The AFA becomes the first football federation in Latin America to export sporting events of high global impact to the Middle East. Increasingly strengthened by the successes of the Argentine National Team, affirmed as never before in his position despite multiple controversies and destabilization operations, the president of the AFA was happy. He said Claudio Tapia: “The agreement will generate new commercial opportunities for the clubs and the AFA. We will work together to make this agreement something transcendent.” In principle, a millionaire…