It has gone to the next step in the electoral battle for the presidency of the Athletic. The names of possible signings have entered the scene. Especially with the candidates Ricardo Barkala e Iñaki Arechabaleta. Although none alludes to specific footballers. It is more of an intention if on the 24th they win the elections. The two agreed on the possibility of borrowing if necessary. A term that sounds negative a priori, but that has an accounting explanation for how amortizations work in the world of football.

“Historically the Athletic He has tried to incorporate the best players who fit into his philosophy, the best Basques. Whoever they are and whoever they are in the team,” he said. Ricardo Barkala in the first debate of the campaign, organized by The mail. It was just a face to face with arechabaletasince Jon Uriarte he declined the invitation. The president of the Bilbao Port Authority recognized that perhaps the Athletic “It has lost a certain appeal for certain players”, something that must be corrected: “You have to try to bring the good ones, as if you had to go into debt”.

Con arechabaleta names are linked like Moncayola, Griezmann or Guillamón, although none have come out of his mouth. “Everything is conjecture,” she said while making it clear that they do have to be “ambitious” in case they reach Ibaigane. “The Athletic has a bad economic tendency, but is in a good financial position. It has relevant box, we must try to strengthen the team. If we win, we would make an effort”, explained the man from Deusto.

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Of course, in Thursday’s presentation he already marked a red line and declared that they will not do “crazy things”. Everything has its deadlines. “We have to win the elections, see how the club’s economy ends on June 30 and make our financial projections. If it is necessary to go into debt, we will go into debt, but we have to be ambitious and strengthen the team as much as possible”, he asserted. arechabaleta.

Looking at the euro, another common issue in the campaign is the salary of the current members of the squad. “The market sets the conditions, they charge what they have to charge. If each of our forwards or midfielders scored 20 goals per season, we wouldn’t be talking about this. Another thing is productivity. Barkala and his rival accompanied him face to face: “It is recurrent when things are regular.” arechabaleta He stressed the importance of planning and wanted to put himself in the shoes of the one who negotiates: “You have to be there when you have to make a contract. I’m sure everyone is trying to do what’s best for him. Athletic”.