Benito’s Arantxa This Saturday, September 30, he celebrated the baptism of his first grandson (Hugo), the son of Zaira and grandson of Arantxa and little. And although the event has been filled with countless displays of affection from family and close friends, the baptism has also been marked by the absence of the former soccer player himself.

“My father is in Girona because Madrid is playing today and he is a commentator and is there in Girona,” explained Zayra, the former soccer player’s daughter, before the Telecinco microphones.

For her part, Arantxa de Benito has maintained the same argument as her daughter and has assured that her ex-husband’s absence is for work reasons. “I have asked Zayra and it seems that today he is playing for Madrid and then how he works, he has not been able to come,” she clarified.

Likewise, the former television presenter did not want to waste the intervention to state that “in the end everyone does what they want, what they can or what they think they should do.”

The separation of Arantxa and Guti

Guti and Arantxa announced their separation in 2009 after a decade of relationship. Although at first their breakup was worthy of an example, when the former Almería coach began his relationship with him in 2011 I love it tension appeared.