1-Dani Barrio. He played at the last minute because Dani Martín had a heat stroke. He made a couple of good saves and couldn’t do anything to prevent Señé’s goal. He is a good goalkeeper and whenever he goes out he leaves his life. But he won’t go on.

20-Ismael Casas. His minutes with Pablo Guede give rise to hope. He gives the feeling that he can be an important player next season. Of course, Chris Ramos gave him war.

Shield/Flag Malaga

23- Scarce. A guy who feels the colors and tries to transmit it to his peers. Active and sober. However, Lugo’s goal caught him out of place.

Shield/Flag Lugo

31-Andrew Caro. He took one out of Iriome and it has some interesting stuff. It seems to be such. good right back as central. Growing.

2-Victor Gomez. Located as left side. Some actions with the ball stopped, Inexplicable that he has gone from starting the season like a rocket to finishing it so badly. He will return to Espanyol.

9-Brandon. Very bad game of the Mallorcan who got a yellow card. You can’t argue with his honesty and fight. But many times running a lot is not running well. This time he didn’t even run.

16-Genaro. It wasn’t good at all. Without freshness and with a feeling of suffocation. It wasn’t Genaro who is so useful in midfield.

14-Febas. He is a player who needs to have the freedom to propose his football and make the last pass. The ‘gamer’ is a lot of gamer.

37-Kevin. Nothing at all. She doesn’t have her old spark. Nor does it overflow and was changed after the break. He must find other advisers.

22-Relief. It is impossible that he has forgotten to play football. But it gives that feeling. Overwhelmed and dislodged. His year at Malaga has been a calamity.

from the bench

7-Paulino. She came in after the break and was a shadow. unfortunate match. It gives the feeling that it is in another wave. Suspense.

42-Dani Lorenzo. He is a good ballplayer. But he did not come into play and was unable to project the initiative from him. He has room for learning.

12-Chavarria. Not to change, he fell offside and the goal was annulled due to an illegal position.

39-Roberto. One of Pablo Guede’s missions will be to polish this striker so that he is what the team needs, a scorer.

Paul Gedand. We are left with this phrase: “The season is over, which is the most important thing of all”. If not for him, Malaga would be in the First RFEF right now.