Griezmann started in the league match against Athletic. Simeone decided to bet on the starting French striker and formed an attacking partner with Correa. This time it was Luis Suárez's turn to be on the bench. It is Griezmann's first game as a starter at Wanda Metropolitano after his return to the rojiblanco team. In the Champions League, against Porto, he was on the bench and the fans gave him a loud whistle when his name sounded on the Wanda Metropolitano video scoreboards. Also when he had to jump onto the pitch.

In the match against Athletic, the situation was already different. The rojiblanca fans applauded him, like the rest of the Atlético players, when it was announced by the video scoreboards. From the south end they did whistle him while the rest of the stadium applauded him. There was not a great difference with respect to what happened with the rest of his companions. And the fans cheered wildly when, in the first shot, a cross from Marcos Llorente hit the target.. Punished in the first game, Griezmann already seems like one more within Atlético.

Athletic Shield / Flag

When he was changed in the 55th minute of the game and Luis Suárez took his place, the Atlético fans also dismissed him with a standing ovation., although some whistles were heard from the south end. The Frenchman was not decisive in the match, although he was in danger every time he touched the ball.

The Atlético fans gave a great ovation to Raúl García when his name sounded by the video scoreboards of the rojiblanco stadium. The rojiblanca fans do not forget who was one of their favorite players while wearing the Atlético shirt. And the other great whistle was taken by the referee Gil Manzano.