Appeal also denies Depor the precautionary suspension of Second

On August 27, the CSD finally intervened in the Fuenlabrada Case. His decision was to maintain the draw of the First and Second calendar and that there would be a League of 22 teams in the silver category without Numancia and Deportivo as proposed by LaLiga. The club from A Coruña appealed this decision before the Appeals Committee, which failed a few hours ago. The entity chaired by Fernando Vidal requested that “extraordinary file No. 562 – 2019/20 initiated by the Competition Committee to CF Fuenlabrada SAD” not be archived and requested the precautionary suspension of the Second Division competition until said file was resolved.

Appeal has denied Deportivo's request because “the requested precautionary measure implies in itself the suspension of the execution of the CSD resolution of August 27, 2020, that determines the teams that will participate in the 2020/2021 Second Division League competition, which exceeds the competence of this Appeal Committee, as it corresponds to the judicial body that is hearing the contentious-administrative appeal (ordinary justice), if it is that, as it seems, it has been appealed ”.

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The committee, made up of three judges (Miguel Díaz and García Conlledo, Elena Roldán Centeno and Concepción Escobar Hernández), resolved to “deny the adoption of the precautionary measure consisting of the immediate stoppage of the National League Second Division Championship, until the effective resolution of this appeal file, requested by others in the appeal filed by the Real Club Deportivo de La Coruña, SAD. “

The appeal ruling does not end the dispute, since Deportivo can appeal the decision to CAS, which it will probably do. The A Coruña club has fifteen days to present the allegations it deems appropriate to this sentence.