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Aperribay: “Imanol's continuity can be taken for granted”

Gabby Barker



Aperribay appeared before the media after the Shareholders Meeting with the expression of satisfaction of those who have just received a strong support from the owners of the entity. After thanking the members for their confidence and highlighting the “milestone of reaching 34,000 subscribers,” the chief executive of the Royal was blunt in stating that “there is no real possibility of negotiating the purchase” of a stadium in the that there are still many pending works and on whose end he did not dare to venture a specific date.

What he does expect is that the official project of the work does not suffer more deviations: “We think that the liquidation is this and that with what we have expressed are all the expenses. We can guarantee that there will be no more expenses, ”he said.

Throughout the turn of prayers and questions he made a fiery defense of Imanol
Sheriff and, before the media, the president advanced that his contract extension until June 2021 is practically a fact, since the extensions of the contract are about to be activated: “The continuity of Imanol”, He said before he stressed that he sees him“ with a lot of future in the Real ”.

The main reason that leads him to make this reflection is that “the players have a blind faith in him and his way of doing.” He also claimed the football director: “With Roberto and Imanol we have two banners and there is a pineapple in Zubieta,” he added in relation to the team of technicians who work from the first team to the base.

The impending renewal of the coach is nothing more than the symptom that the team is doing well. The president asks him to “improve a little at home and take advantage of the opportunities” to continue signing a season that is now being brilliant.

A quiet market

Given the performance of the team, the president expects a “quiet” winter market, but says they will not address this issue until “after Pamplona's game.”

It would be strange that finally there were movements in the template, even with a Ruben
Brown relegated to ostracism and on which Aperribay he assures that there is no order for him not to play: “We will analyze his future later, but it is true that the Real has not made him an offer. You can enter a call quietly. What happens is that there is a lot of competition and many players who are strong and it is a decision that will be made in the medium term. The relationship with Rubén is very good, ”he added before finalizing a press conference in which he again dodged the question about his withdrawal

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