Antonio Fernández Monterrubio said goodbye as general director of Granada with a press call at a hotel in this city. The executive released a statement of gratitude to the club and the city for these almost four years of continuous growth, stressed that Granada “no longer lives with its back to the city,” regretted the way in which it had left and announced that it would take legal measures against all those who have tried to tarnish their good repute. For your interest we reproduce your farewell statement that is addressed to the fans in a special way.

I want to begin this statement by thanking the City, the fans, the media, my colleagues, and all the people who have made this transit a difficult stage to match in my professional life. Each and every one of you has been and are part of what Granada CF is today, of what the Club transmits abroad and of the potential, which today represents a project that has been a model in the competition, both in the sports field as in the management field, proof of this are the innumerable public recognitions, the achievement of the Andalusian Gold Medal and, in a much more practical way, our evolution in the different competitions in which we have always tried to lead to show the humility with which we have tried to build this project.

I also want my first words to be to apologize to all those people who in the course of this time may have felt upset or harmed by some of the issues we have addressed, it was never the intention. A thousand heartfelt thanks to all.

I must confess that upon my arrival at the Club in June 2017 it was difficult for me to imagine what Granada CF was, what it represented and what it would mean to me. The beginnings were never easy, a lot of work, sincere dedication, time and sacrifice, it is the only formula that I have used until the last day I stepped foot in the New Los Cármenes Stadium. Both my family and I have felt welcomed and loved in this city. I will always be eternally grateful for the great opportunity that was given me to discover this city and participate in this project as General Director of the Club. It has been an honor and a pride to defend this shield from my position, with honesty, responsibility, humility and respect. I have worked for this Club without saving anything for tomorrow, assuming that, surely, there will have been mistakes. Always putting the best of myself and my team on the table. I have felt and I feel like a Privileged, with capital letters, for having been the General Director of Granada CF and wherever I go I will have it on show.

My sincere and emotional thanks to the players, coaches and employees for their help and commitment. with the project, for their kindness, support and attention. We created an extraordinary professional and human group that made you dream that extraordinary things can be achieved when efforts are aligned around a common goal. The impossible does not exist for this group.

Granada Coat of Arms / Flag

I have had the fortune to live the best moment of the 90 years in the history of our Club, 90th anniversary, promotion to the First Division, semifinalist of the Copa del Rey, quarterfinals of the Europa League and another permanence. Unimaginable. In parallel, the Club has grown with its own identity and getting closer to the city and the province, achieving economic sustainability and respect for the institutions and the world of football in general. The Club no longer lives with its back to the city, it is part of each and everyone. Today Granada CF is a benchmark as a Club and that is thanks to the work and effort of all, especially players, coaches and employees. I feel involved and proud to be part of the best moment in the history of Granada CF.

If the beginnings were difficult, you cannot imagine how difficult it is for me to leave this stage behind. The end of this project has not occurred in the way that I would have liked, nor in the way in which any foreseeable scenario could have glimpsed, even so, I am proud and satisfied with the work done. The results of this teamwork, not just sports, are there, they are measurable.

Whenever a situation like this occurs, it is unpleasant to see how some take the opportunity to make “firewood from the fallen tree”And spilling slander on the management carried out, undermining the honor, professionalism and loyalty of whoever is addressing you at this time. It hurts me and also the image of the institution, Granada CF.

I want to tell you that you can be calm, I am, the only reason that I cannot dismantle for my departure from the club is the loss of confidence of the majority shareholder, the rest of the questions simply respond to a justification about a situation that I do not know. has been able to explain with professional criteria. I have a clear conscience, I am faithful to the principles that my parents were in charge of instilling in me and honesty is not something that can be taken from me with lies, fake and populist news or any other situation that, surely, will be used to cloud a stage of the Club that does not deserve that treatment.

Without a doubt, my departure was neither the desired nor the predictable one. Confidence can be lost, of course. Education, respect for people and professionalism can never be lost. The ways and timing have not been appropriate or reasonable. From respect and reason, where appropriate, I will defend my interests without harming Granada CF and I will demand personal responsibilities from those responsible for the damages caused. I am in my right and I have earned with my honest and honorable work all of it. I will not allow insinuations or biased comments about my good repute or professionalism. I leave very proud of the work done and the results obtained, with my head held high, being able to look everyone in the eye and with a very clear conscience. The truth will always prevail.

Heartfelt thanks to the fans, clubs and associations, I have felt one of you in each act that I have participated and in each shared conversation, always looking for the good of the Club and its growth. How much you have taught me and how many memories I keep! I have lived it in the first person and you have infected me with your love for this Club. I have no words to express my gratitude for so many displays of love and affection. I hope I have been worthy of it and I wish to correspond to everyone in the same way as soon as possible.

It was difficult for me to make the decision to embark on this project and how happy I have been, how much I have enjoyed and how much I will remember this wonderful stage that marked a before and after in my life. Now, I know it wasn't a job, it was a feeling, something that will stay with me forever. A Club with a soul in my heart forever and ever.

I close this magnificent professional stage looking forward, I keep all the positive things that this stage has brought to me and my family, and I leave the hard times behind. Granada CF is above people and I am sure that what we have experienced is only the beginning of all the good that this city and this Club deserve. You have my eternal respect and admiration.

There is no doubt, our paths separate, a part of my heart will always be in Graná and with the people of Granada. Now I will be one of you, cheering and fighting for our GRANADA CF. Best wishes and best of luck to the Club and all the people of Granada “.

THANK YOU. Eternal Fight!

Antonio Fernández Monterrubio.


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