Antonio David’s first words about Olga Moreno’s return to ‘Survivors’

Telecinco finalizes the details of the special edition of Survivors All Stars which will air this summer and will bring together the most successful and popular contestants in the history of the format. One of the presences that sparks the most controversy is that of Olga Moreno, winner of the 2021 edition, which will return to the competition after months away from the network, among other things because it was on that Mediaset ‘black list’. In fact, Olga is already in Honduras, although in Spain the reactions to her participation do not stop happening. The last of them has been, precisely, that of Antonio David.

The man from Malaga, in his opinion, has more than enough reasons to refuse to participate in the survival program if the opportunity had arisen. Along the same lines, the man who was also Marta Riesco’s boyfriend believes that he is “of shame” that Olga Moreno has accepted the offer to venture to the Cayos Cochinos: “I would not have gone. There are many years of pain and suffering behind it. I have been a person singled out by a media outlet who has done a business and has earned many millions of euros”expresses the former civil guard through his YouTube channel.

However, he also respects that Olga “has made the decision”: “We have a daughter, and although I don’t value it, we have to bring money home, I understand that this money will improve the quality of life of the daughter we have.”

Antonio David throws poisonous darts at those who were once his colleagues in the Fuencarral network for having put the Flores family in the media spotlight: “Everyone is free to do what they want and there we enter into different connotations such as disloyalty or betrayal, but hey, each person is as they are, with their circumstances. Of course, he also expresses that he would have understood the “betrayal” if there was a large financial amount involved: “I think it’s mean to put you in there for a sandwich”.

Rocío Carrasco’s ex, who is not going through the best of times with Olga Moreno, with whom a few days ago he was involved in a tense argument at his residence in Malaga, assures that he will not refer to any of the information that is thrown about him. At least, not from a television set: “I am one screen above, so to speak. Since I left television I decided to use Justice to defend myself and that is what I will do. That stage has already passed”.

Rocío Carrasco’s reaction

The person who has also spoken out about Olga Moreno’s participation in the Telecinco contest has been Rocío Carrasco. While she attended María Teresa Campos’ mass, organized by her daughters nine months after her death, Rocío Flores’ mother was asked by the press about the matter: “Oh, that’s a nice shirt, man. You keep doing your thing.”he pointed out, ignoring the issue.