The Permanent Commission of the State Commission against Violence, Racism, Xenophobia and Intolerance in Sport

has agreed to propose a very serious sanction to Real Betis Balompié of 150,000 euros and the temporary closure of its sports venue to the public for a period of one month after the very serious incidents that occurred during the Copa del Rey match against Sevilla, which the referee decided suspended after a “hollow PVC bar 76 cm long and about 18 mm in diameter” was launched from the local team’s cheering stands, which fell on the field of play and hit the head of Joan Jordán, player of the Sevilla, who had to be transferred to a medical center with a head injury.

The Commission recalls that “it is a condition of access to the stadium

introduce, carry or use any kind of object that could produce the same effects as a weapon or engage in violent behavior, in addition, they are general conditions of permanence in the sports venue not to practice violent acts, and in particular, not to attack or disturb public order and not to throw any kind of objects”, something that Betis not only did not avoid, but also did not put the necessary means to solve it.

Antiviolencia has agreed to this proposal for a very serious sanction because Betis has been proposed in recent years to

sanction for acts contrary to Law 19/2007 on 10 other previous occasions due to deficiencies in the measures to control access and permanence of spectators in the sports venue, the last of them, in the 2019-2020 season, for serious fault, with a proposal for a sanction of 30,000 euros, for non-compliance with security measures, poor management of the fan registration book and support for activities or supporters clubs contrary to the provisions of the current sports law.

Likewise, the Commission has also agreed to propose another serious penalty of 60,001 euros and a ban on access to the venues

sports for a period of five years to the identified fan of the local team -member of a radical and violent group- for throwing an object onto the pitch that hit Joan Jordán in the head.

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