Ansu Fati has asked for 48 hours to make a decision on whether to operate or not. This Saturday, and accompanied by his family, met with doctors and technicians to make a first assessment. In the club they raised the various possible scenarios and the pros and cons of each one. The advice of the doctors, as we advance in AS, is the intervention to definitively solve this problem, in addition to reminding him of the need to do a ‘reset’, take pressure off and start from scratch next season. The doctors informed him that he would put himself in the hands of the best hamstring specialist in the world, the Finnish surgeon Lasse Lempainen, who has already operated twice on Ousmane Dembélé of similar injuries. The operating room is proposed as the most reliable alternative to avoid new relapses.

Photo of Ansu Fati

On the other hand, if you finally opt for the conservative method, the deregistration time would be significantly reduced: if it is operated, we would be talking about three to five months, while, with the conservative recovery, the downtime would be 6 to 8 weeks. However, this last therapy does not guarantee, in any case, new relapses, which would be completely counterproductive for the player.

So that, on Monday a new meeting has been called between all the parties to decide the future of Ansu. The player will be the one who has the last word, but everything indicates that he will finally give the green light to the operating room. If so, the player would travel Tuesday or Wednesday to the Finnish town of Turku, accompanied by the club’s doctors, to undergo surgery on the proximal tendon of the biceps femoris in his left leg. In this way he would have said goodbye to the season, since, as we have mentioned, the time off would be between three and five months.