Shortly before 2:00 pm last Saturday, AD Alcorcón dismissed its coach Juan Antonio Anquela. It was the start of an earthquake Of which the end is still not seen between the fans and AD Alcorcón. Alcorcón had lost 0-4 against Almería and only added three points out of 18 possible in the table, but The pottery fans believed and believed in Anquela, which is why they chanted his name as a sign of support and asked for the resignation of Emilio Vega in the match against Almería. But neither that nor the miraculous salvation of the team last season was enough for the entity to give credit to Anquela. From the announcement of the dismissal, the networks burned.

Alcorcón Shield / Flag

Fed up with the fans

The anger, or rather, the anger and disbelief among the fans was expressed on social networks. Hundreds of messages were shown against this decision. Some subscribers asked that the stadium be empty in the next home game against Real Sociedad B. The hours of Saturday passed and the messages were not mitigated. The anger was mounting. For many fans, the dismissal of Anquela was the last straw that broke the camel's back in recent years in which, for some, the club has been moving away from the fans and the essence of the entity. Many asked for the cessation of sports director Emilio Vega, Many others expressed their intention not to return to Santo Domingo or to have their subscription money returned, There were also criticisms of the management and everyone thanked Anquela for everything she had given to the club. Even the mayor of the city regretted the departure of the Anquela club and considered it “A benchmark for the sport of Alcorcón.”

Statement from the Federation of Peñas

In the late afternoon, the Federation of Peñas issued a very harsh official statement in which, in the first place, they told Anquela that “this is your house, these are your people and you are Agrupación Deportiva Alcorcón.” In this statement the Federation asked “In sports matters We ask for the immediate dismissal of our current sports director, Emilio Vega, that after accumulating two failures in a row we believe he is not in a position to continue working for our club ”.

The Federation of Peñas looked back: “The events that occurred today are nothing more than the accumulation of erroneous institutional and sports decisions carried out in the last decade. Decade in which instead of advancing and growing as a club, it has served to stagnate us and, in some cases, go backwards ”.

For the Federation of Peñas del Alcorcón, “We understand that the club by not listening to its social mass, its supporters clubs and the Federation has unilaterally broken relations with them.”

Jorge Romero

Early in the evening it became official that Jorge Romero, the subsidiary's coach, became the new potter coach. It was the umpteenth slap for many fans since they consider that this double decision of the entity, this change of coaches in the first and second teams, hurts and weakens both teams. Among the pottery parish there has also been the feeling that the dismissal of Anquela was planned by Emilio Vega since the beginning of the season and it was clear to him that his replacement was Romero.

The truth is that the divorce between the Club and the fans is a fact, a reality. The disconnection between the social mass and the entity has been felt in recent years and this has been the last straw. The exhaustion of the fans has manifested itself with the dismissal of, probably, the most loved and respected person in the history of the club. Anquela is for many the shield. Troubled rivers run through Alcorcón and it is going to have to reflect from the entity and make decisions if the situation is to be changed. Unless if the ball begins to enter the opposing goal it serves as a balm, although the situation is unprecedented. Never have the fans shown so intensely, angry and unanimously their complaints, protests and anger at a club decision.

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