In what is now his home, the Academia JC Ferrero Equelite de Villena and on a very flirtatious hard track that logically knows very well, Carlos Alcaraz took another important step in his career this Saturday, even in an exhibition tournament. The 17-year-old and 318th Murcian from the world won the Australian of Spanish origin Alex de Miñaur, who at 21 has already won three ATP titles (all outdoors and on concrete) and is the 26th in the ranking (6-3, 2-6 and 6-4).

With astonishing solidity and a spectacular variety of resources, Alcaraz domó a rival who reached the US Open round of 16 last year and that it has prestigious victories. The boy knew how to tickle the aussie in a terrain where it moves well, fast as few. Armed with an increasingly powerful drive, Charly often overflowed de Miñaur and was wise enough, inappropriate for his age, to renounce some drops that worked for him at first, but to which Alex responded very well later.

The first set was scored by Alcaraz with a break. In the second, he was able to repeat success in the first two games to the rest, but failed and in a bad shift of service the sleeve escaped to him. In the third he started with a 2-0 and He endured the pressure to win a victory that makes him a finalist in the Equelite Academy 25th Anniversary Tournament. Expect rival and there are three options in a group format: Davidovich, Carreño or Vilella. These last two meet this Saturday.

“I am very happy, happy to give a great level from start to finish. I think I can compete with these great players, with top-100 and I prepare myself physically to be able to face them. Those who are here are all great and I always have batteries for any game ”Alcaraz joked, who has beaten the top three with whom he has played: Ramos (41st) in Rio (official), Sousa (54th) and De Miñaur (26th) here in Villena. Equelite, built on the pillar of a number one like Ferrero, has another great player in the making. And Juanki trains him.


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