Annie Leibovitz saved from ruin by Messi and Ronaldo: she portrays them together for Louis Vuitton

the great photographer Annie Leibovitz is the author of the photograph in which she has managed to portray together Lionel Messi Already Cristiano Ronaldo, facing each other before a chess board, for the new campaign of the luxury firm Louis Vuitton. After several mistakes in the administration of her fortune, the author can begin to breathe and recover financially after this commission, and some other successes and leading roles that she has had this year that she is about to finish.

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Last July she was heavily criticized, both she and her models, for being responsible for the scandalous photos in Vogue of Zelensky And his wife, Olena Zelenskaamong the ruins of kyiv romanticizing the war in Ukraine.

In August she was accused of not knowing how to photograph people of color, after having immortalized the first black woman in the Supreme Court of the United States, Ketanji Brown Jacksonwith a light and a composition that almost nobody liked.

Despite the fact that he maintains his contracts with the magazine and luxury brands, he needs to overcome serious financial problems due to significant debts that have put him on the brink of ruin and have even forced him to sell his copyrights.

has worked for Rolling Stone, Vanity Fair y Vogue, and the big fashion multinationals that hire her for 175,000 euros a day for their campaigns. But since 2009, at the height of fame, when the Condé Nast publishing house paid her 1.39 million euros a year, she ended up in ruins due to mismanagement and many capricious purchases.

He choked on the credit granted by Arts Capital Group (ACG) of 17.65 million euros after buying a mansion in the West Village of New York of 1,000 square meters and another large property north of the city of skyscrapers. Justice had to intervene to return the debt, for which he could be left without his file of a million negatives and more than 100,000 images, and his rights. Apparently these may have fallen into the hands of the financial institution.

Since 2010, the Capital Colony vulture fund has managed its debt and marketed the artist’s work. In 2014 she sold her mansion for 20.9 million euros and now she lives in a duplex out of 11 million in The Brentmore building, near Central Park, where characters such as Sting o robert de niro.

celebrity star photographer

Throughout her career, Annie Leibovitz has taken incredible photographs that made anyone famous, and few celebrities have resisted before her lens. She achieved fame with one of the last photographs of John Lenon alive, in which he embraced his wife naked in a fetal position, Joko Ono. The session was held in the enormous apartment that the couple had in the emblematic Dakota building in New York, and just a few hours later, the most beloved of the Beatles was shot dead at the doors of the building.

From there, the photographer began her laureate career that even led her to become the Prince of Asturias Award for Communication and Humanities almost a decade ago. Her eye and her camera have created icons like Demi Moore pregnant and naked, the album cover of Bruce Springsteen Born in the USo Whoopi Goldberg stuck in a bathtub full of milk.

On a personal level, he maintained a relationship with the writer and philosopher, also a Prince of Asturias Award winner, Susan Sontagwho died in 2004 and with whom he had his daughter Sarah. She later became a solo mother of the twins again. Samuelle y Susanfor which he paid two women to rent their wombs.