He had to deal with the first Spanish from Chen Yansheng when he became president of the club in January 2016. Angel Gomez, at that time technical secretary and later sports director after the resignation of Óscar Perarnau, shouldered to get saved with Constantin Galca on the bench and then he knitted the squad for the 2016-17 season together with Quique Sánchez Flores and Ramon Robert.

“It was the weak point of the institution. I come from the dirt fields,” he commented on the program Flying Parakeet, where he made it clear that that environment with the coach and the then general manager was not the best. In November he was fired. “I think being a sports director is the most difficult thing. The coach can lock himself in with the players, but I was in the middle of everything: the press, the networks, the team, the president, the board… That stage disappointed me. I did not enjoy my position or the club. I had the feeling that he lost a position, but I got part of my life back.”, he stated.

About that season, Gómez explained some new aspect, other well-known ones, such as that Paco Jémez was his favorite option for the bench (“if it finds your project, it will prove your level”) or that many of the signings were ordered by Quique: “When a coach wants a player, normally, he is signed. If only the sports director wants him and not the coach, no”. Examples such as Álvaro Vázquez or Juan Manuel Jurado.

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When Yerry Mina could be from Espanyol before Barça

Some signings were frustrated in Gómez’s stage in the perico club, which started in 2011 with Ramon Plans as technical secretary. One of them fue Yerry Mina, a Colombian central defender who ended up at Barcelona: “I was in a game Hurricane-Santa Fe, which was the semifinal of the South American Cup. I was with an agent and introduced me to the president of Santa Fe. I told him I liked Mina, We talked a little about everything. But there were other opinions, as usual. Over time, Barcelona signed him. I think it was a good sporting and business opportunity,” he argued.

from all that, Gómez, who has worked in a short period in Cyprus, He has only been to Sant Adrià once and only two or three to the stadium. While waiting for new projects, he created a sports consulting company in your locality.