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Andoni Iraola: “It is clear that this tie is alive”

Gabby Barker



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Mirandés coach Andoni Iraola was more than happy despite the loss because the 2-1 result against Real Sociedad makes it clear that “the tie is alive”.

“In the end we are at a disadvantage in the tie but satisfied with how it has been. We played a very good game and we were very Mirandés, faithful to what has brought us here,” said the coach of the Burgos team.

Iraola saw two different parts, the first marked by the early goal of the Real, somewhat that “he could decentralize the team but the players continued to believe until the end” and a second with his dominating team.

“We have stolen a lot of ball in the opposite field, in the second part they played more direct from the start, their players are very dangerous but we have handled it relatively well,” said Iraola.

The former Athletic player regretted not having made the goal of the tie in this half and complained that in the second leg his rival “has two more days off, it was preferable to have some respite but the team has gotten into this mess and now we have to keep going. “

He did not want to deepen some decisions of Gil Manzano, such as the penalty in favor of the Real or a possible card to Monreal, which would have been the second, and that the Extremaduran collegiate did not show.

“We have not had luck in the referee's decisions and those details that do not depend on you at least do not have to go against you,” Iraola said resignedly.

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