“And the 11 hours of interrogation doesn’t that look like Venezuela or Cuba?”

A heated argument. Indignation, overacting and anger. Nacho Cano is without filters. Released on charges after his arrest for allegedly hiring illegal immigrants for his musical ‘Malinche’, the composer has expressed his irritation at the police action: “If there is something illegal, it will have to be the judge who decides it,” he sentenced Susanna Griso in Public mirror.

The composer and musician from Madrid has not put a single filter: “They wanted to fabricate a news story.” And he has denounced that his arrest “is part of a strategy,” which he recreated thus: “Guys, if you are not left-wing and do not follow our discourse, we are going to go after your family.”

Her interview with Susanna Griso went further, recalling the ten years she lived in Miami and establishing a comparison: “I have seen this in people from Venezuela.” And she said: “They want to scare people into doing whatever they want with them.”

Susanna intervened: “I think it is very serious to compare this situation in Spain with that of Cuba or Venezuela.” Cano turned inward: “And the 11 hours of interrogation do not resemble Venezuela or Cuba?”

“I have a labor and immigration lawyer and it is clear that there was an intention to fabricate a story,” he insisted.