As reported Sky Sport among other means (also the Liverpool Echo), Xavi is interested in the return of Thiago Alcántara. The 30-year-old midfielder left Bayern for Liverpool last season and is not indisputable with Jurgen Klopp. Despite having a good roster of midfielders with Busquets, Frenkie de Jong, Nico or Gavi Among others, Xavi would like to have Thiago, whom he knows well from his time as a player.

The signing of Thiago, however, It would not be as simple as that of Daniel Alves. The Spanish international is a footballer with a contract in force and Liverpool would put up difficulties on your way out. Like Alves, Thiago would be a unifying element who, in addition, knows the secrets of the positional game that Xavi wants to implement at Barça.

Thiago’s season.

Thiago left Barça in the summer of 2013, just after winning the Under-21 European Championship. In Israel. Then, Busquets, Iniesta, Xavi and Cesc slowed down their progression at the Barça club and decided to head to Munich, where the Guardiola method awaited them. Eight years later, some media speculate with his return, although this has less prospect of crystallizing than the case of Alves.