Ancelotti: “We have to see Barça as a lion, not as a cat”

“We are very motivated with what can happen in the next three months”


The Real Madrid coach, Carlo Ancelotti, has ensured that they must see FC Barcelona, ​​whom they face this Sunday at the Camp Nou Spotify (9:00 p.m.), “like a lion and not like a cat”, and has highlighted the solidity defense of the azulgranas, in addition to recognizing that they are “very motivated with what can happen in the next three months”.

“Tomorrow we have to see him as a lion, not as a cat, because if you think that Barça is a cat, it’s going to be a party. It’s not a party, it’s an important game and we have to fight until the end and be committed and strong to get the best out of us. Having said that, I always have fear; fear or worry before a game is always there, it doesn’t let you. The hours before the game are the most complicated for me”, he declared in a round table press.

In this sense, he believes that they should “enjoy the moment of being the protagonists of an important game, prepare it well and play it better”. “You can only win if you are capable of getting the best out of all aspects,” he warned, assuring that they “do not” think that a defeat could leave them out of the fight for LaLiga. “We don’t think about this, we think about winning tomorrow’s game. What happens if we don’t even win, we’ll think about it later; today, we think about winning tomorrow’s game,” he said.

The Italian coach sees Barça as “a very solid team at the back” and that “they have conceded very few goals”. “They have had an important collective commitment and this has allowed them to win games when they have suffered a little more than normal,” he analyzed, noting that his players will play “attacking without risk” tomorrow.

“It’s very difficult to say what game they will play tomorrow because each game has its story. Barcelona defended a lot in the Copa del Rey game because they took the lead in the second half. The game can be different depending on what happens in the game; if we score early or they score early, the game can be straightened out one way or another,” he said.

Regarding the possibility of winning a title this season, the Real Madrid coach acknowledged that it is in the Champions League where they have the best chances. “The data shows that we have a disadvantage in the Copa del Rey, that we have a disadvantage in LaLiga, but where we don’t have a disadvantage is in the ‘Champions’. I don’t know what can happen. Today we only think about cutting the disadvantage a bit in LaLiga”, Indian.

“From January 22 until now the team has done very well, the physical and technical data confirm this. We are in a good mental moment too, we are very motivated with what can happen in the next three months. On the technical side and tactically the team has improved a lot, it is more solid at the back and effective up front, despite some games in which it has not gone well for us. We can do it well”, he continued.


In another order of things, Ancelotti acknowledged that he would like to stay at the white club even if he does not win any title this season. “The written rules change. I’m convinced we’re going to win something this season, so that’s it,” he said with a smile. “It’s an evaluation that the club has to do, I don’t have to do it myself. I’ve already said many times that I would stay with this club for the rest of my life, although I think it’s impossible,” he said.

“It’s a decision that the club has to make at the end of the season. My thought is that I want to continue and I hope it will be like that. What the club decides is not that important, I enjoy every day that the club wants me here; If he wants me here for three months, I’ll enjoy three months, and if he wants me for three years, I’ll enjoy three years. I’ll be grateful to the club for the rest of my life”, he added.

On the other hand, the Italian coach confirmed that Karim Benzema “is fine and is going to play”, as well as talking about the difficulties that Vinícius has had with Ronald Araujo in the last Clásicos. “We have the plan because the two teams know each other very well, we have no secrets. We think about how to create damage and how we can avoid problems, and that thought will accompany us until the referee’s whistle,” he stressed.

“(Vinícius) He has had more difficulty in recent games, but Vinícius is always Vinícius. His mobility can help him get the best out of tomorrow’s game. I’m thinking of putting him on the right, let’s see”, he stated before the surprise of those present in the press room. “Obviously he’s not serious,” he joked. “Mobility can be important, not having a fixed reference against a striker is one more problem for a defender. Vinícius will play on the left with more mobility”, he continued.

He also acknowledged that the criticism of Toni Kroos and Luka Modric surprises him because they believe that they “continue to be the best”, and spoke about how Eduardo Camavinga and Aurélien Tchouaméni are replacing Casemiro. “Eduardo is doing well, as Tchouaméni did in the first part of the season. The two have very well replaced a legend, a player who in this position has been the best of all for years. Real Madrid, with these two, can raise his future very well to replace a player who has been a fantastic player in this position”, manifested.

In addition, he was full of praise for Éder Militao. “I can lose credibility if I say the other day that Vinícius is the best in the world, that Militao is the best defender in the world… For me it’s the truth, I’m honest. For me Militao is among the best. He has everything: he’s a very fast player, very forceful one on one, very good with the ball, he is a great header… he lacks nothing. One defect is that he is not always 100% concentrated, he is not perfect, and he is not as handsome,” he said with a laugh.

Finally, Ancelotti trusted that the white fans would help them in the ‘Champions’ tie against Chelsea, despite the fact that the second leg is played at Stamford Bridge. “It’s true that last year the away games helped us a lot. I don’t know if it’s a disadvantage that there is double the value of goals away from home, it doesn’t change much. I don’t think about this, I think the Bernabéu is going to help us in the party of gone”, finished.