Horacio Gaggioli, Asensio's representative, was interviewed this morning at El Larguero de la Cadena SER, where he revealed that the international was about to leave Real Madrid and that Ancelotti prevented him.

Beginnings after injury: “We started the way we started in the first games. What is happening here? There were no nerves, but we did start to think about what to do in January, because we are not going to have a season like this.”

Disappointment: “He felt good, with a lot of confidence. We did not do well to score within 30 seconds of returning last season. He was very excited about that. And it was not like that …”.

Offers: “Clubs appeared saying that Marco would play as '10' to regain his best version. But Ancelotti told him: 'I trust you.' And how can you say no? This was four days ago. Ancelotti was the one who stopped his departure. Madrid was willing to let him go for his own good. The club trusts him and wanted him to go out to recover his best version. “

Persuasion: “Ancelotti told him that he trusted him to play on the inside. He told him 'I want you to stay'. I know you are not a pure winger. You have to play in the middle. Good speech. That was a long time ago. It was something to start thinking about. what were we doing in January because we weren't going to be like this this season … “.

Position: “His place is in a 4-4-2, behind the striker. And if it is with a diamond, the better. He has certain defensive limitations. He has recovered his verticality. Marco, on the inside, can also play where Kroos and Modric. midfielder, but yes ahead. Marco was super happy on Wednesday when he found out that he was playing in the middle. “

Confidence: “Marco wants to feel important. I trust Marco a lot. I've known him since he was nine years old. He had the misfortune of his knee. And it was very hard because he had it in his head all the time.”

Goals: “He needed a specific job that he didn't have. Marco needed it. When Marco stayed with him, we were clear from the beginning: Real Madrid is a lot of Real Madrid, we knew where we were going. Having the coach's confidence is definitive. You have to be with the coach.” .

Zidane: “In the first period it was great for him. Then they also coincided in Asensio's worst stage with the injury.”

Benzema: “Asensio by his side can be a bomb and, above all, if those players they talk about arrive. Succeeding at Madrid is his life. It has been a very great suffering. He is 25 years old and has a great future ahead of him.”