According to La Gazzetta dello Sport, both Madrid and Barça follow the evolution of the versatile Macedonian midfielder


Elmas celebrates a goal with Napoli this season


Carlo Ancelotti is closely following the evolutions of Elif Diamond, the young midfielder from North macedonia that he already had at his command during his time at the Naples. As published The Gazzetta dello Sport, Elmas is also being monitored by the Barcelona as a possible incorporation to reinforce his midfield.

At 22 years old, Diamond has seen how his career was relaunched from the arrival of Luciano Spalletti to the Naples bench. The ease of occupying various roles in the core has earned him a place in the eleven and is a quality valued by the clubs that want him.

Carlo Ancelotti was the great supporter of his signing for the partenopeo team, which in 2019 paid 16 million euros to the Fenerbahce for its transfer. The player has participated in all the matches this season, combining titles with substitutions and his double against Iceland in this national team break to get his country into the play-offs has once again awakened the interest of several entities to take over his services.

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