Anabel Pantoja takes pictures crying to beg for mercy from her former colleagues from Sálvame: “I can’t take it anymore”

Pantodrama. Anabel She is very hurt with the program in which she worked, Save mefor spending almost a week feeding the rumors that he has a new illusion after his break with Yulen Pereira. From the format it presents Jorge Javier Vazquez assure that the “special friend” of the niece is an attractive young man named Aransahi Cazorla with whom he has been seen to be most complicit and close during the Carnival of Maspalomas.

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But it seems that there is nothing beyond a friendship with the boy in question and the cousin of Kiko Rivera He has decided to demand that his former colleagues leave him alone by sharing two photos on Instagram in which he is seen in a sea of ​​tears.

“If I’m single, and I’m still living, I have to be with the first one they tell or say, but FOR THE FUCK, when now that I think about it, I’m in my FUCKING RIGHT. But of course I’m a loose girl for walking around… a scandal. If a boy did it, they wouldn’t even talk to each other for 3 hours every afternoon,” laments the ex-wife of omar sanchez.

“When you decide to shut up, move on, even try to enjoy and of course continue, live without having to justify yourself, explain yourself, give reasons or answer the questions that you are asked on the street, it becomes a bloody nightmare. I feel like an absolute criminal. I have had and continue to endure to this day being judged both in networks and in programs, what a bad daughter I am, that if I don’t work or what I do, when I have been 15 years non-stop… if I have been a bad wife, for wanting to be happy and not hurt, if I am demanding or being rude for wanting respect at my father’s funeral,” he complains.

Anabel concludes her text with a request: she just wants to live without being judged. “It could be that I take a step, go to work, have a beer, give me a hug, go out to a party, play sports, kiss me, go to carnivals with friends, upload a damn song to Instagram, leave travel and it’s not a bloody tragedy? Is it normal? Transparent? The knot in the stomach and throat of impotence is not called ANXIETY, it’s called, I WANT TO LIVE WITHOUT BEING JUDGED. I can’t take it anymore”.