Pantodrama on air. the niece of Isabel Pantoja, who reappeared on television this Monday after the death of his father, has taken advantage of the festive Constitution Day to fly to the Canary Islands, where he has been reunited with his friends and his beloved beach. Yes indeed, Anabel He has not enjoyed a particularly calm flight and has shared some images with his followers in which he appears crying like a cupcake. What happened?

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Nothing that should worry those who love her, because Anabel’s tears were due to a television series that had come to an end: Los Bridgerton. The niece is a fan of the successful Netflix fiction (based on the novels by Julia Quinn) and this Tuesday she finished the second season in tears: “I don’t think I can get over not seeing them every night”has written in his stories.

Anabel is sensitive. On November 25, she said goodbye to her father, Bernardo, who died at the age of 69 after a long illness. The girlfriend of Yulen Pereira She not only had to face the duel but also all the controversies and scandals that followed her during the wake and cremation of her father. After several days of information and even an exclusive Junkoher father’s girlfriend, who left Isabel Pantoja in a very bad place, Anabel burst into Save me with a phone call: “You have no respect. Are you going to let my father rest? Are you going to let me mourn him?”

Now, in addition, he faces a new problem: Pinocchio, the supposed son of Bernardo, plans to claim paternity through the courts. Having been cremated, Anabel will have to perform (if a judge so decides) a DNA test. She is very angry and has commented with her intimates that “whatever happens, that boy will never be my family.”