The pantojita girl is singing with the program that catapulted her to fame and fed her. The reason? New information that they have made public this Friday, pointing out that an attic that Anabel acquired a few years ago in Pozo Izquierdo (Canary Islands) had been squatted. The influencer has exploded on social networks: “Disappointing that by filling in a block or having one more video, they are capable of inventing such barbarity and harming anonymous people and harming me.”

Isabel Pantoja’s niece has not stayed inside: “It is a shame that they call from 11 in the morning to ask who you are sleeping with and for such a serious issue, do not do it with me,” he wrote. “After what happened to my dad, may he rest in peace, it’s normal for them to do whatever”some words that have hurt his former classmates Save meespecially to María Patiño: “No Anabel, not like that,” he replied from the set.

Anabel ended: “I wish you the best and that they never say about you publicly, lies, alleged crimes, infidelities, lack of professionalism with brands, public scandals, even returning used clothes. I was not the best partner and collaborator, but I think I behaved pretty good and I gave a lot for it. I don’t deserve it.”

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Minutes before, her friend Gema López had explained what the true situation of Anabel’s house was: “She bought it to invest and register it as a vacation apartment. Then she found some people who wanted a long-term rental and everything was fine. Now, Anabel wants to sell it but the tenants don’t want to leave until the end of their contract. They are not squatters. Anabel is trying to reach an agreement, nothing more.”