A source from the environment Anabel Pantoja secures to Informalia that the pantojita girl “has blocked telephone calls pinocchiothe boy who wants to start a paternity process to prove that he is the son of Bernardo, Anabel’s father”. At one time they were friends, but “now they don’t have the slightest relationship. And she has been very upset that this man is going to initiate legal proceedings because, whatever happens, he will never consider her to be part of her family, “they tell us.

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The brother of Isabel Pantoja He recognized in life that Pinocchio was his son and we receive the confidence that he planned to give him his last names legally. The worsening of his illness prevented him from taking the step, but his intention was considered and determined.

We also learn that Pinocchio, married with three children, was able to say goodbye to Bernardo. Of course, secretly, in the hospital, days before his death. He entered through a back door at the moment when the caregiver that Anabel gave her father was absent from the room.

The relationship between Luis, which is what his real name is, and Junco, the deceased’s widow, is unbeatable, and we will surely see them together on the 20th of this month at the funeral mass to which the former Japanese bailaora has summoned her friends from her husband. Obviously, and as things are, Anabel, her aunt Isabel or uncle Agustín are not expected.