the niece of Isabel Pantoja has called this Wednesday to Save me in full direct to say ‘Enough’. very upset, Anabel He has charged against his program and all those who, for days, have leaked unpleasant episodes that occurred in the hospital and the funeral home after the death of his father, Bernardo. “You have no respect. It’s been four days since I buried my father, let him rest in peace.”

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“My father is not a public figure, he is the brother of Isabel Pantoja, I understand that you have to say that he has died, that the funeral home is a circus, but I do not understand that you are talking about him one afternoon after another,” he said angrily. . “I respect your work, but that’s enough.”

Anabel has blamed them for using their family drama to make an audience: “The subject sells, right? That’s why you don’t leave it. Are you going to stop talking about my father or is this the saga of Star Wars? The play has gone very well for everyone, the only thing I ask for is respect”. The former survivor has said that she is disappointed with the program: “I thought you were fond of me, but the disrespect has been coming since Friday. What does the relationship my father had twenty years ago matter to people? I am disappointed With the coverage that is being done since Friday, there is no respect for a colleague”.

For that matter, Anabel wanted to clarify some of the information that has been published these days, especially about Junco, her father’s widow: “This lady has been his partner, his wife, his everything. But you have to remember, and if She’s my father’s wife, it’s because my mother signed the divorce so they could get married and she have her little pay.”

The niece has continued through tears: “The one who swallowed the funeral home and that my father left me was me, and that lady too and I have been watching her. I have my father’s ID because I am solving things. I I don’t want anything, I want to leave everything settled because I’m her only daughter, but I understand that the woman is wrong and she can’t do it.”

Regarding the discussion that took place in the funeral home, Anabel has denied that there was any conflict, but she has confirmed that Junco was told things that were not true: “They stoked her ear saying that I signed things that did not belong to me.” And she has added that she does not know anything about the alleged conflicts between Isabel Pantoja and Junco (“I have not seen anything like that”) although she has justified the fact that the widow has to leave the apartment where she has vivid. “It’s from my aunt and it’s normal for her to want it back.”