Anabel Pantoja encourages her aunt Isabel to attend her New Year’s Eve party in the Canary Islands

Anabel Pantoja Unfortunately, he is aware that this will be the first Christmas without his father, who died on November 25 in a Seville hospital. But she does not want such a sensitive loss to excessively affect the celebration of such family festivities.

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To do this, his intention is to gather in his house in the Canary Islands the members of his family with whom he maintains better relations, as is the case with his mother, Mercior his cousin Isa.

Mission Impossible seems to be his intention to take his uncles to the archipelago Isabel y Agustin. She has proposed that they spend the end of the year on the islands. It hurts that the two of them lock themselves up, like last year, in Cantora on dates as special as these.

The tonadillera, however, is not up to the task of making a trip of these characteristics, and since her mother died in September 2021, she does not usually celebrate any type of anniversaries or parties. His departures from the farm have been minimal in a year in which he has had very little satisfaction. She barely relates to her two children, she has left behind the few friends she has left, she is overwhelmed by debts and her problems with the Treasury. All in all, a bleak picture.

His niece has decided to turn the night of December 31 into an event in which his intimates are not lacking. apart from her boyfriend YulenHis family could attend, including his mother, with whom Anabel has ironed out old disagreements. We’ll see if she also invites her ex, Omar El Negro, with whom, they say, she has approached positions lately.