Anabel Pantoja, devastated after Yulen’s exclusive: “I don’t want to know anything about the past”

Barely a month after their surprising breakup, the fencer has revealed the most delicate moments of his relationship with Anabel exclusive way. A new blow for the pantoedthat this betrayal was not expected on the part of Yulen and that this Tuesday, hours before the publication of the exclusive, he took refuge in two friends who quickly came to his call.

The former survivor is heartbroken and has called two people from her closest circle to accompany her at this time, when Yulen Pereira’s first statements begin to leak. “He doesn’t want to know anything that has to do with his past, let alone things that could hurt him. He doesn’t want to talk about this, he just wants to look ahead”Anabel’s colleagues have said in Save me.

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Yulen will be one of the protagonists of the covers this Wednesday and speaks something and clearly about her relationship with Kiko Rivera’s cousin, whom she met in survivors: “His jealousy and insecurity overwhelmed me”dice. “I was not born to kiss her or give her a conversation”.

As if this were not enough, the conversations between Yulen and some friends have been leaked in which Anabel’s complicated and cocky character is revealed. In them, the fencer talks with a friend who gave them a free trip to Menorca (in exchange for advertising hotels, restaurants, etc. on social networks) and that his ex-girlfriend took on a whim. The first, the room where they stayed: “Uncle, what a shame, I’m so sorry. I’ve already told you that they change our room. Tell me you can. I don’t want to be a dead black,” Yulen told his contact. “How embarrassing, any day I’m going to have a cardiac arrest.”

In addition, a Japanese restaurant invited them to dinner and the evening was not what they expected: “He has set up a circus because they only had fish,” Yulen wrote to his friend via WhatsApp. “It’s been very unpleasant, she doesn’t eat fish and refuses to try the menu, she wants us to bring her meat but we don’t have it here. I don’t think she’s in a position to post a post or anything,” the restaurant manager told the owner. in an audio.