Enrique Ponce and Ana Soria, afflicted with media pressure, sat down this Monday in the anthillprimetime show, to drown their sorrows and lament the treatment they have received, according to them, by the press due to their age difference.

During the interview they told how they met and a piece of information that the Chiva bullfighter gave gave a lot to think about. Paloma Cuevas’ ex said that the day he began to flirt with Ana, the day their eyes met and love ignited in them, it was in a bullfight in Almería in which he was very motivated: “That day I cut four ears”.

Unless he was lying, the last time the right-hander cut off four ears in Almería was on August 24, 2017, an afternoon in which bulls from Juan Pedro Domecq, Parladé and El Torreón fought. Ana Soria was just 18 years old and he would still boast of being an exemplary faithful husband for almost three more years.

After the commotion generated, the young woman from Almeria has opened her Instagram account to correct her boyfriend and clarify dates: “To the nightmares. Enrique remembers that he triumphed and came out on his shoulders, but damn, he doesn’t remember the exact number of ears. So tell me how many he cut at the 2019 Almería Fair and we’ll finish with the subject. That’s the year, handsome”. The law student tries to make it clear that they did not meet in 2017, but in August 2019. Not almost three years before the end of Enrique and Ana’s marriage, but about a year before.

From the outside, we simply find it curious that a bullfighter confuses the day on which he cut off four ears, especially considering that he had not achieved such a feat since August 24, 2017.

According to Ana, the bullfight in which love emerged was held on August 19, 2019 with bulls from Núñez Del Cuvillo. As we said, Enrique and Paloma had not separated yet. In fact, on November 15, 2019, three months after that crush, the still husband and wife appeared in public and posed with Javier Conde at the premiere of the musical. Chorus Line In Malaga. The newspaper library, in short, does not forgive.


It was not until July 2020 when the magazine Week published exclusively that Cuevas and Ponce separated and began the complicated divorce process.

In InformaliaIn addition, we publish this Sunday, May 21, the photos that prove the deception of the bullfighter to the Cordoba businesswoman.