“I like them older… of those who call themselves gentlemen, of those who open the door for you and send you flowers,” says the lyrics of Becky G’s success, GreaterWith which Ana Soria y Clara Chia They should feel identified. And it is that both twenty-somethings have a considerable age difference with their respective boyfriends, Enrique Ponce y Gerard Piqué.

The young woman from Almería is 24 years old, 27 years less than the bullfighter who turns 52 this December 8. The Kosmos worker, for her part, turned 24 on April 19. Which means that the Catalan is 12 years older than him, since he is 36.

Apart from the age difference, their boyfriends being famous is also something they have in common. Said similar situations have made the ex’s girlfriend dove caves and that of the ex Shakira join forces in the face of criticism. As Pepe del Real has recounted in The Ana Rosa Program“Clara feels identified with what Ana Soria experienced. The two have been questioned publicly and the pressure to which she has been subjected is quite bad.”

“Messages of support are sent and on social networks, at some point, they have interacted,” says the journalist about the connection that has emerged between Soria and Chía. The truth is if we look backwe can verify that Ana has not stopped liking the publications that Piqué has made with his girlfriend on Instagram.