Ana Rosa stops Alejandra Rubio and sends a pull to Anabel Pantoja: “I would feel terrible”

Six days have passed since the daughter of Terelu Campos y Charles Costanza They announced their pregnancy exclusively and the news continues to make headlines. This Tuesday, in addition, the future mother has returned to her position as a talk show host to respond to all the criticism received and her words have been analyzed with a magnifying glass by her colleagues from TardeAR. What’s more, one’s own Ana Rosa Quintana He has dotted the ‘i’ to the young woman, who defends that she has not sold the exclusive for money: “Sorry, I could have given the exclusive to your television show, because if tomorrow you are pregnant and sell it to a magazine, I would feel terrible.”

A comment that, without the presenter realizing it, splashes directly onto herself. Anabel Pantojawho has a section in her program and who announced her pregnancy also exclusively (this time in Readings) instead of breaking the news on the Mediaset afternoon program for which he works.

Ana Rosa, with whom Alejandra is very upset for having said that it did not seem right to live solely on exclusives, has insisted: “When you take the step, not of giving the exclusive to the magazine you want, but when you take the step step of selling an exclusive of your life, you have entered another site. You have every right, but you can no longer say, “I’m not talking about my life.” And she added: “It seems perfect to me and so we have topics. But what you can’t complain about is talking about the exclusive that you have given”. He tried, however, to make light of the matter: “But it’s a pregnancy, a bank hasn’t been robbed, before we had children at 25 years old… That you have every right to sell, when you decide to share you have to understand that “People give their opinion and nothing happens.”

Of course, the presenter has been critical of Alejandra’s attitude towards all her colleagues who have given their opinion on her situation: “It’s not good to get angry like that when you’re pregnant. I don’t know who said that outrageous thing to you… everyone has generally said it’s great news, it’s a joy, it’s true that it’s hasty but Alejandra can’t bear it.” like this against her colleagues, because she is a collaborator and has talked about other people”And he concluded: “I don’t think it’s appropriate to generalise. She knows whoever said something that bothered her and she can tell them and not create a bad atmosphere in general.”